Peachstate Financial Services….helping borrowers to make commercial loans easy. How do we do it? It’s all about having loan programs that allow you to think “outside the box”. Credit score a little low? We have some programs that allow borrowers to have scores in the 500+ range. Self employed? Having trouble proving income? We have stated income programs that require no W-2’s, no 1099’s, and no tax returns. Need a quick closing but can’t meet typical bank guidelines? We have private money programs that consider only the virtue of the property and not that of the borrower. (Wow!) Or maybe your credit is tops and your scenario is squeaky clean…call us for the best rates and terms.

Some of the property types that we finance are multifamily, retail, church, warehouse, hotel/motel, office, industrial, gas stations, convenience stores, assisted living, dry cleaners, restaurants, child care, and more.

O.K, so thats enough about what we do. Don’t waste a lot of your time going from website to website and reading all the fine print. The only real way to get a loan is to have a personal conversation with an experienced loan officer so you can tell your story. It’s your turn now. Give us a call and tell us your story! Call now-770-886-7585.